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The Latest at The Refuge: Like-Living for Likes or Dying for Love?

Like: Living for Likes or Dying for Love?

Times have changed, haven’t they? And quickly, too. These days it seems like everyone is living for likes, checking their statuses, tweets, and pictures to see how many people have affirmed them.

Times change. Technology changes. People change. But the truth is that human nature does not. We’re no more insecure and neurotic today than we were twenty years ago, forty years ago, sixty years ago. We may seek approval from different sources, but all of us are still seeking approval. We may long for it in the form of a gold watch at retirement, a letter of recommendation from colleague, a pat on the back from a friend, or a little heart on Instagram, but the longing and the desire hasn’t changed; we all want to be known, affirmed, approved, and liked. In fact, one of the greatest lies ever told was this one: “I don’t care what other people think about me.”

It starts the same way in all of us. “Daddy, watch this.” And that glow in our parents’ eyes when we said our first word, took our first step, tied our first shoe, made our first A, landed our first job–it was intoxicating! “Oooh, I like that! I like being liked! I like being affirmed! I like being approved!” And the appetite was born.

But the problem with appetites is that they’re never fully and completely satisfied. Once we develop a hunger for something, we never stop wanting more of it. We never stop wanting more food. We never stop wanting more comfort. We never stop wanting more love. And we never stop wanting more praise, more approval, more applause. And yet there is no amount of applause that can ever fully or finally satisfy us. No matter how well liked we are, we will always crave one more affirmation, one more fan, one more like.

Join us this month as we explore the insatiable appetite lurking in all of us to be liked. Discover how it can be a good thing, why it can be so dangerous, and how scripture calls us to live in the balance. Don’t miss “Like: Living for Likes or Dying for Love?”

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Like: Living for Likes or Dying for Love?
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