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If you’ve ever taken a drive over the Cross Island Parkway bridge on Hilton Head Island and looked to the east, you may have noticed a small boat in the marsh. That boat has been there for many years. Day after day, the tide comes in and goes out, and yet the wreckage remains. No one really knows how it got there. No one has ever really heard the story behind it. No one...except for its captain.

What if I told you that that little boat once belonged to the namesake of Hilton Head Island–William Hilton? Or that it was left there by a pregnant teenage girl desperate to escape her abusive boyfriend? Or that all of its passengers perished during Hurricane Hugo? Would you believe it? Could those things possibly be true?

The answer is yes. They could be true. They’re not, but they could be because we all have wreckage in our lives, and every piece of wreckage that we leave behind has a story. Sometimes our wreckage is marked by harrowing tales of bravery and adventure gone awry; others times it is a monument to colossal failure and regret. But every piece of wreckage we leave and every piece of wreckage left by others has a story. Whether or not we care about those stories or even know them, those stories matter to those involved, to the passengers whose lives were forever changed by the wreckage. 

And that’s the thing about our wreckage, isn’t it? Usually we’re so damaged from it that we don’t even see the ripple effect, the danger that it poses to others in our lives. That’s why recovering from our wreckage is so vital, because not only does it affect us, but it poses a danger to anyone who gets too close to it!

Wreckage is inevitable. We all experience it, and we all feel some degree of shame because of it. The question isn’t whether or not there is wreckage in your past; the question is whether or not that wreckage is still there, whether it serves as a monument to some haunting regret or whether the past has been dealt with and the wreckage recovered. While wee all experience wreckage, but we don’t have to keep experiencing it over and over again. The only true shame is in the wreckage that is left behind for generations to witness over and over again, every time they pass by. They probably won’t know the story behind it. They probably won’t know what led to it. And they probably won’t know what happened afterward, either. But they’ll see our wreckage, and they’ll wonder, “How in the world did that thing get there? How did that happen? What caused it, and why didn’t anyone try to recover it?”

Join us for the next few weeks as we count down to Easter and talk about Wreckage: Recovering and Rebuilding Who We Are!

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