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I Promise: Waiting is the Hardest Part

It’s the most celebrated event in human history, except that it’s never really talked about much at all. God left behind the majesty of Heaven, donned the flesh of an infant, and grew up as one of us. Sure we love Christmas–the pageantry, the lights, the songs, the gifts–but we so quickly and so easily forget the why. In fact, even our vain attempts to recapture “the reason for the season” have become tired and cliché.

We are not unlike the people of Israel two millennia ago. Year after year of waiting on the promises of redemption, a Savior who would come and deliver them from what they believed was their greatest problem–political oppression, had left them hopeless and jaded, convinced that the words of scripture were hollow and empty, nothing more than vain words told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Jesus’ arrival in the flesh was perhaps the most predicted event in human history, and yet it caught nearly everyone by surprise. It might as well have been the Spanish Inquisition (because, as you Monty Python fans know, NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition).

Maybe Tom Petty was right; maybe the waiting really is the hardest part. Like unrequited love, it first heightens our enthusiasm and zest for life before ultimately rendering us defeated and cynical. When things don’t happen when or how we expect them to, it’s very, very difficult to maintain the former without succumbing to the latter.

As 2014 began, we set out to make this a year of reflection on the promises of God. In January we were reminded that “i am who I AM says i am.” In June we PA||SEd to reflect on some of the amazing attributes of God. And so to close out this year, we will once again revisit the promises of God through the lens of the greatest story ever told, with the hope that we will be reminded that we are not alone, we are not forgotten, we are not hopeless, and we are not even normal!

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