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Cross the Line

Dear Diary,

Last summer I took our little ones to Disney World. It was the first time ever for them, so we decided to do the whole experience–all four parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot! It was great, and the kids had a blast! But on the day that we went to Epcot, I discovered something about myself that I didn’t necessarily know–or at least believe–until then. And the revelation was so great that from the moment I discovered it, I have felt compelled to share it with you because I think it reveals something about human nature that can be extremely helpful if we’re aware of it, particularly as we begin a new year.

One day we decided to try to squeeze in another ride at Epcot on the Chevy Test Track by using the single-rider line, the line they use to fill in the empty seats in cars. The problem is that you’re virtually guaranteed not to be able to sit with and maybe even ride on the same car with the people you came with, which is exactly the situation we found ourselves in. Both of my little ones were already in separate lines about to board a car while I was still waiting for my turn in the single rider line. But I was next, at the front of the line, when suddenly, I looked down and noticed that I had crossed the line I was supposed to stay behind.

Here I was, Mr. Rule Follower, Mr. Straight and Narrow, Mr. Color in the Lines, on vacation in Disney World, and what had I done? I had crossed the line. They had put that line there for a very specific reason–to keep people behind it! It was their way of saying, without having to say anything at all, “You may go this far and no farther. Don’t cross the line.” But I hadn’t listened. I had crossed the line. Was it subconscious? Yes. Was it harmless? It certainly seemed so. And yet there was I was–over the line. I looked at the line next to me, the one with all the families who wanted to ride together. The person in front? He had crossed the line, too!

What is it about us? All of us, even the most rigid, the most intransigent, the most Draconian among us still like to test our boundaries, to push our limits, to expand our horizons! In the words of Bing Crosby, don’t fence us in! And yet we gather, week after week, to study a book called the Bible, written by different authors over a period greater than a millennium, to try to gain a better understanding of who God is and what He expects us of us. Some would argue that that is exactly what the Bible is, a set of criteria, a guidebook, guidelines put in place to govern our thoughts and actions, to establish our boundaries, to keep us from crossing the line!

And so over the next few weeks, I'm going to explore this idea of the guidelines God has put in place for us. Is He just a Cosmic Killjoy?! Is He trying to steal all our fun? Does becoming a follower of Jesus mean giving up our freedom and our autonomy? For those of us who have made a decision to follow Him, how do we deal with our propensity to cross the line no matter where that line is? And where exactly should that line be anyway? Who gets to make that decision? I'm going to explore what it means to strive for perfection, constantly fall short, and land in the arms of grace. Maybe I'll invite some people to join me, too.


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